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What are the leading causes of workplace injuries?

Regardless of your profession, you should never overlook the fact that you could suffer an on the job injury.

There are many causes of workplace injuries, with these among the most common:

  • Overexertion. This includes but is not limited to injuries related to pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying objects.
  • Fall on the same level. This is a fall that takes place on a working surface or walking surface, such as the result of debris.
  • Fall to a lower level. This is a fall to a level below the working or walking surface. An example would be a fall from a roof to the ground below.
  • Struck by equipment or an object. In the construction industry, for example, objects can fall from buildings, thus having the potential to strike a worker below.
  • Vehicle incident. There are many types of roadway accidents, such as those involving a tractor or forklift. Some roadway incidents occur on actual roadways, while others do not.

Depending on your profession and job responsibilities, you may be able to take steps that help you avoid these types of accidents and injuries. For example, it’s important to wear a helmet at all times if there is a risk of a flying object striking you.

If you suffer any type of workplace injury, it’s important to stop what you are doing to assess the situation. In the event that you are unable to treat the injury yourself, call for immediate medical assistance.

Once you receive a proper diagnosis and know how to treat your injury over the long term, you can learn more about your rights. This could lead you to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is approved, you can receive compensation until you are cleared to return to work.

In the event of a denial, you may need to file an appeal with the idea of receiving compensation in the future.


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