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Why do forklift accidents happen?

Depending on your profession and industry, you may find yourself operating a forklift on a regular basis. Even if you don’t actually operate the vehicle, there is as good chance that you could be in close proximity to forklifts every now and again.

It’s a good idea to know why forklift accidents happen, as this can help you avoid trouble on the job. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Lack of training. Operating a forklift is easier said than done. Anyone who will be driving this type of vehicle must receive the proper training.
  • Speeding. Just the same as a motor vehicle, there is never a good time to speed on a forklift. The faster you drive the greater chance there is of causing an accident.
  • Operating with an elevated load. You should never operate a forklift with an elevated load, as it makes it difficult to see and increases the chance of the product falling to the ground below.
  • Insufficient warnings. Everyone needs to know when a forklift is in use. Without the proper markings, it can be difficult for other workers to know that a forklift may be coming through the area.
  • Horseplay. This can include things such as giving a person a ride.
  • Poor workplace design. When forklifts are in use, it’s important that the workplace has the proper design. This means many things, such as removing clutter from aisles, informing drivers of ramps, and keeping traffic volume to a minimum.

These are far from the only causes of a forklift accident, but they are definitely among the most common.

If you operate a forklift regularly or work in close proximity to this type of vehicle, you should know the steps you can take to improve your safety.

If you are part of a forklift accident, don’t hesitate to call for medical assistance. You should also report the incident, including the cause, to your employer.

By doing these two things, you’ll find it much easier to receive compensation after filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.


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