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Muscle tears are painful but treatable

Depending on the way you live your life, it’s always possible you could tear a muscle at some point.

While muscle tears are every bit as painful as they sound, it’s nice to know that this injury is treatable. It’s not easy to make a full recovery, but the right approach will help you regain your prior level of health.

The symptoms of a muscle tear are easy to identify, typically including weakness, pain when resting, swelling, bruising and the inability to use the muscle.

If you’re dealing with these symptoms, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek medical attention. Your doctor can run the necessary tests, all with the idea of determining the extent of your injury.

Depending on the severity, you may be required to use crutches or a brace to aid the healing process. Along with this, it’s possible that you could be asked to avoid activity, including work-related tasks, for an extended period of time.

While not always the case, recovering from a muscle tear may require physical therapy and/or some other form of rehab.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid a muscle tear, but stretching before you take on any type of physical activity can definitely help your cause.

If you suffer this injury on the job, stop what you are doing, seek medical attention and then let your employer know what happened. If your medical team tells you to avoid activity while you heal, it’s time to learn more about the workers’ compensation system and the steps you can take to receive the benefits you deserve.

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