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Who is liable for a car accident during a business trip?

When workers suffer injury on the job, they usually expect that the employer will cover the medical costs and lost income through a workers' compensation claim. This remains true in most instances when workers are on a business trip and suffer an injury.

The best way to protect yourself from unsafe working conditions

Despite the fact that most employees and employers do their part in preventing unsafe working conditions, these still exist in many industries. Subsequently, it's not out of the question that an accident could cause serious injury or even death.

What are ways in which toxic exposure occurs in the workplace?

It's the responsibility of every business owner to ensure that the workplace their employees operate within is both healthy and safe. As such, if there are any known toxins present that may put an employee's health at risk, then it's the employer's responsibility to make their staff aware of them.

What if Social Security doesn't list my medical condition?

The Social Security department has a list of automatically-qualifying medical conditions. This list is known as the Listing of Impairments. If a disabled individual obtains a medical diagnosis that he or she is suffering from a condition on this list -- and it will render him or her unable to work for at least a year or will result in death -- then he or she can receive SSD benenifits.

Hospital workers are subject to many types of injuries

As a hospital worker, such as someone who is directly involved in patient care, you understand the importance of your job. You realize that the decisions you make will go a long way in providing patients with the medical assistance they need to feel their best.

Professional driving is a dangerous job that could cause injury

Some people who've never had to drive professionally imagine it's an easy, even mindless task. However, this isn't your simple daily commute. We're talking about driving across town multiple times in a day, across the state or even across the country. Professional drivers need to navigate all kinds of unfamiliar roads, a variety of driving conditions and tight deadlines in order to make their paycheck.

Can your employer fire you for reporting a workplace injury?

Every day across the state of Pennsylvania, workers get injured or sickened while performing their jobs. Issues ranging from car accidents in a company vehicle to serious illnesses resulting from exposure to the elements or dangerous compounds can leave a worker unable to perform his or her job. In order to receive the workers' compensation benefits intended to protect those who work in this state, those who suffer an injury or illness related to work need to report it to their employer.

Workers are at even higher risk of injury during winter months

During the past month, many parts of the country have been affected by record-setting, freezing temperatures. While countless workers have been become ill with either the flu or colds as a result of their exposure to fluctuating temperatures, others have suffered trips, slips and falls. In the case of the latter, workers have suffered permanent injuries causing them to miss work and stunting employers' productivity as a result.

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