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A veteran Pittsburgh reporter is injured in a on-air stunt

The absence of a veteran Pittsburgh television reporter from KDKA nightly news broadcasts over the past few months has left many area residents wondering what had happened to him. After much public speculation, an attorney for the reporter, finally released a statement on his behalf on Feb. 9.

In it, he contends that his client has spent the last six months rehabilitating after having suffered severe injuries while reporting on the Three Rivers Regatta, an annual Pittsburgh festival in August. The attorney’s statement suggests that he and his client are considering filing a lawsuit against the man’s long time employer, TV station KDKA, for injuries he received as a result from working on the assigned story.

According to the man’s attorney, the reporter had been asked to do a story on the Red Bull Flugtag this year while reporting on the festival. As part of this popular activity that is offered there, individuals agree to use random objects to dive off of a platform 22 feet up in the air. Apparently, the reporter was asked to participate in this activity on air. He used a yellow glider contraption to make his own dive.

Video footage from that day’s shoot apparently shows the reporter not jumping on his own volition, but instead being pushed by event workers. He doesn’t come close to safely gliding into the river or dry land either. Instead, the on-air report shows him plunging violently head-first into the body of water to the shock and awe of spectators below.

The man’s attorney noted in his statement that the news stations had the 30-year veteran reporter file this story despite it being widely known just how many injuries the Flugtag has caused others in the past.

Although he doesn’t go into great detail about the reporter’s reported serious injuries, he does mention that he did rupture his spleen during the incident. He notes that his client is continuing to convalesce in hopes of soon returning to his job as reporter.

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