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Employees should be protected from fall hazards at work

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Employees deserve to work in a safe environment. One hazard that many workers face is falls. These aren’t limited only to falls from heights. It also includes people who fall from a standing or sitting position onto the floor or another object. It is crucial that all workplaces have protections in place that can help to keep workers safe.

There are many hazards that can lead to a fall. Ladders and scaffolding are two pieces of equipment that are often associated with falls. These must be kept in good condition if employees will continue to use them. Safety devices, such as harnesses, must also be provided in some instances.

Obstacles on the floor and slippery floors are also fall risks. These must be corrected immediately when they occur. During wintry precipitation and rain, businesses should provide mats at the door or take other measures to keep the floors dry and free of anything that might pose a risk to employees.

Employees must be given instructions regarding the company’s guidelines for preventing falls. Even if it seems like wasted time, safety meetings are usually a good idea. If employers don’t provide workers with the tools and knowledge to remain safe at work, the decision to be lax might come to haunt the company.

Workers who are injured at work might face a tough road. They often need to seek medical care and might have to take time off work. In these cases, filing for workers’ compensation might be something the employee needs to do. If you file a claim and don’t get what you feel you are entitled to, you might opt to appeal the decision.

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