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Are you following these power tool safety tips at work?

When it comes to power tool safety, it’s easy to overlook what you should and shouldn’t be doing. This is particularly true if you have many years experience with a certain tool.

Fortunately, with the right guidance, you can feel better about your safety every time you pick up a power tool.

Here are a handful of power tool safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Inspect the tool before using it, checking for defects or anything else that could lead to an accident
  • Never carry a tool by the hose or cord, as this could result in you dropping it or damaging it
  • Keep cords and hoses away from sharp edges
  • Never use a power tool in close proximity to water
  • When you’re using a power tool, make sure others are aware so that they can keep their distance
  • Properly maintain all power tools, as this reduces the likelihood of some type of damage that could cause an accident in the future
  • Maintain solid footing and a good grip when using the tool
  • Wear the necessary safety gear, such as goggles when cutting wood

It’s not always easy to follow along with all of these power tool safety tips at work, but once you’re in the habit, it’s much easier to do so.

If you’re injured by any sort of power tool, report the incident to your employer and receive immediate medical treatment.

Depending on your injury, you may be unable to return to work in the immediate future. This should lead you to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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