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A Lehigh County worker wins a $30 million settlement against AT&T

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

A Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, man, who suffered debilitating injuries from a cellphone tower fall in June of 2013, won a $30 million settlement against AT&T on May 24.

The man and his family had originally filed a lawsuit against the phone company shortly after his fall, accusing them of negligence. In his filing, he accused AT&T of having known that the tower he was working on posed some potential hazards. He notes that they made no effort to let anyone know of them or to remedy them though.

As the worker climbed the tower that fateful summer, he claims that he wore both a climbing harness and protective gear. In the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas filing, he reports having climbed 50 feet up the tower and attaching to a rung. As he did so, it apparently gave way causing him to crash to the ground.

Emergency workers arriving at the scene found the man unconscious. Upon his arrival at the hospital, doctors found that he had suffered fractures to his legs, spine, pelvis and arm.

The lawsuit chronicles how the worker remained in the hospital in a coma for months after the incident. Once he eventually woke up, he and his girlfriend were married. At that time, they already had two children together.

Doctors were only able to confirm the true extent of his injuries after he awoke from his coma. In the filing, the man and his family contend that he still struggles with serious physical and cognitive impairments because of having seriously injured his brain. They note that he relies on continuous supervision and care at all hours of the day.

The family of the man released a statement to media outlets as news of the settlement came down. In it, they noted that they were satisfied that the settlement would be able to help them ensure that he receives the best type of care possible as long as he remains alive.

At the time of the incident, the man was just 23-years-old. He and his family have relocated to California since his accident.

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