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How do you prevent workplace slip-and-fall accidents?

It doesn’t matter if you work indoors or outside, the potential for a slip-and-fall accident is very real. For example, an office worker could fall on the steps due to the use of polish or wax in the wrong place.

Conversely, a construction worker could slip and fall as the result of debris left on the job site. Here are some of the better ways to prevent workplace slip-and-fall accidents:

  • Get serious about housekeeping: It’s important to keep your work area as clean as possible. Not only does this improve your safety, but it does the same for others (including coworkers and visitors).
  • Beware of slippery or wet surfaces: For example, you should know if entry floors have the tendency to get wet when it rains. Once you’re aware of these surfaces, you can avoid them, while also doing your part in making them safer.
  • Proper lighting is a must: It’s much easier to prevent slip-and-fall accidents when you can see where you’re walking. Proper lighting is important both indoors and out.
  • Wear the right shoes, all the time: Construction workers, for instance, should always wear shoes that have the appropriate level of traction.

These are some of the many steps anyone can take to help prevent workplace slip-and-fall accidents.

If you find yourself lying on the ground after this type of accident, don’t attempt to make it through the rest of your day. Instead, report the accident, call for help and receive medical treatment. This may also lead you toward filing a workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can help you learn more about your legal options.

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