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Seeking workers’ compensation for post traumatic stress disorder

Most people associate post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with veterans who have spent time in war zones and witnessed unimaginable violence and carnage. However, people in all walks of life suffer from it for a multitude of reasons.

The initial cause of PTSD can be virtually any type of physical attack or even the threat of one. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), over 5 million adults suffer from PTSD at any given time.

Sometimes PTSD can be caused by something that happened in the workplace. Police officers are among those most likely to witness or be victims of violent attacks while doing their jobs. However, these days, just about anyone, from teachers to nurses to retail store employees, can witness or be the target of shootings and other traumatic events them while on the job. They may suffer from PTSD as a result of these negative experiences.

If someone experiences trauma at work and is diagnosed with PTSD as a result, he or she may be able to get workers’ compensation. Of course, emotional injuries can be more challenging to substantiate than physical injuries. Mental health professionals can provide evidence and testify that a person’s PTSD-related symptoms were caused by a work-related incident.

In some cases, a traumatic work event may trigger PTSD symptoms because it takes a person back to an earlier event — perhaps something that occurred in childhood. It can be more difficult to seek workers’ compensation in these type of cases.

However, it’s important not to write off your chances of being able to obtain workers’ compensation that can help you get the treatment you need to heal. An experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney can review your case, discuss your options and recommend a course of action.


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