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Home health workers face unique hazards

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Many health care workers enjoy their home health jobs. The different settings they encounter with each patient breaks up the monotony of a shift and allows them to interact with a wide variety of individuals over the course of a day.

Home health workers are also able to structure their days, to some extent, to fit around their lifestyles. For instance, night owls may set up their patient schedules primarily in the afternoons, while parents of young children can start their shifts immediately following the school drop-offs.

Hazards differ for each patient

But while hospital workers generally have a pretty good idea of the hazards they face daily on their jobs, home health workers face a plethora of challenges in each patient’s home environment.

Patient A might have several large and aggressive dogs guarding the threshold, while Patient B may be a hoarder with a barely navigable path from door to bedside.

Home health nurses and others in the field may have to travel into dicey neighborhoods where it’s possible that they could be targeted for property crimes or even assaults. It’s up to the home health worker to assess and evaluate their patients’ environments to determine whether the dangers preclude services to the particular patient.

The challenge of the road

Home health and hospice workers are on-the-clock during their travels to patients’ homes in and around Harrisburg. That means that they are exposed to many driving dangers that might potentially result in accidents with injuries that could become the basis of workers’ compensation claims.

Some commonalities remain

Regardless, there are always some similarities in employee injuries in the health care industry, whether the worker is out in the field or in a facility.

These workers may suffer from back injuries from improper lifting techniques, be injured by hostile and aggressive patients or their family members, and face contamination and infection from biohazardous materials.

Whether it is injuries from an on-the-job car wreck or exposure to a viral agent, home health workers should learn about and exercise their rights to seek compensation through filing workers’ comp claims here in Pennsylvania.


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