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It’s critical to understand the top causes of car accidents

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As a driver, the more knowledge you collect in regard to safety the better chance you have of avoiding an accident. Understanding the top causes of car accidents will help you adjust your driving style with the idea of enhancing your safety.

Here are seven top causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving. This is a huge threat to the safety of all drivers, as any distraction greatly increases the risk of a crash. Don’t let distractions creep into your vehicle. Also, watch for others who may not be paying attention to the road, such as people who are texting and driving.
  • Drunk driving. An enduring concern among drivers, anyone who is impaired is more likely to cause an accident. If you spot a drunk driver around you, leave more space between your vehicles and call 911 to report the person.
  • Reckless driving. While most people follow the rules of the road, some are reckless in a number of ways. For example, illegally passing a vehicle on a two lane highway is a big mistake.
  • Speeding. Some people speed because of the thrill it gives them. Other people speed because they aren’t paying attention. Either way, a faster speed means a greater chance of crashing.
  • Inclement weather. During the spring and summer months, inclement weather often means heavy rain and strong wind. During the fall and winter months, you have to watch for sleet, ice and snow.
  • Tailgating. For whatever reason, some people drive too close to the vehicle in front of theirs. This means there’s less time to stop, thus increasing the risk of a rear-end accident.
  • Teen drivers. Everyone has to start somewhere, but inexperienced drivers are more likely to cause an accident. Even if they’re paying close attention to everything they’re doing, a lack of experience can come back to haunt them.

As a driver, you should do your part in avoiding anything that could cause an accident. You should also watch for drivers who are breaking the law.

If you’re part of a car accident, such as one caused by another driver, move to safety and call for help. Your health is top priority. Once you receive treatment, contact your insurance company, learn more about the accident and decide how you can best protect your legal rights.


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