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What’s the best treatment of a high ankle sprain?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

A high ankle sprain is a serious injury that can drag on for many months, especially if you don’t receive the proper medical attention. Furthermore, a lack of treatment increases the likelihood of the injury causing additional concerns in the future.

There are several ways to treat a high ankle sprain, with the approach based largely on the type and extent of the injury.

For example, if you have a sprain but not a broken bone, rest and ice for a period of several weeks may be all you need. When combined with a removable walking boot, you’re in a position to heal your injury without the need for additional treatment.

If you have a broken bone, a cast may be required to ensure that you don’t move the ankle for an extended period of time, often as long as 12 weeks.

The recovery period for a high ankle sprain is not the same for everyone but typically takes anywhere from six to 12 weeks. From there, depending on how the recovery goes, physical therapy may be required to help you regain full strength and range of motion.

A high ankle sprain requires immediate medical treatment, as to ensure that you and your doctor are on the exact same page about how to make the fastest possible recovery.

If you suffered a high ankle sprain at work, the injury could keep you away from your job for several months. In this case, you may be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This allows you to receive financial assistance until you can return to work.


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