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A customer throws hot tea in a Chinese worker’s face

A customer apparently became so angry with a Chinese restaurant worker on Nov. 6 in Philadelphia that they threw a cup filled with hot tea in their face. The victim is now being treated for both second- and third-degree burns in an area hospital. A Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson says that they’re still trying to track down the person responsible for doing this.

The incident occurred just after 9:30 p.m. at the Silver Chopsticks, located along the 4700 block of North Broad Street in Philadelphia. Surveillance cameras positioned in the restaurant captured the incident as it happened.

Video from the scene of the incident shows a man throwing a paper cup full of faint green liquid across the counter in the direction of the employee’s face.

In the video, you can see another customer standing at the counter nearby. You can also see what appears to be some type of glass partition in between the customers and the employee. It appears that the liquid may have made contact with the worker when it came through the glass walls’ circular cutout.

Police have declined to identify the female worker injured in the attack since the suspect is still at large. Her image is blurred out in the stills taken from the surveillance cameras that were released to the public. Police made the images public in hopes that it will lead someone who recognizes the perpetrator to call in.

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