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Poor floor conditions can cause an indoor slip-and-fall accident

When walking indoors, it’s hard to get into the habit of watching every step you take. After all, you have better things to worry about during your workday. Unfortunately, it’s possible you could be part of an indoor slip-and-fall accident if you’re not careful (and even if you are).

These examples of poor floor conditions can result in a fall:

  • Lack of a warning sign when the floor is wet or being cleaned
  • Failure to use barriers to close off floors that are unsafe for pedestrians
  • Using too much polish or wax
  • Using polish or wax on an incline, decline or stairs
  • Treating one part of the floor with polish or wax, but not another
  • Failing to use non-skid ingredients
  • Worn out or torn carpeting or rugs
  • Any type of debris, ranging from a gum wrapper to a newspaper
  • Broken or missing step

How to protect against trouble

The best thing you can do is scan the ground that you’re walking on, as it gives you a clear idea of any hazards that lie ahead. Also, make note of any trouble areas, such as a step that has been broken for an extended time.

If you’re involved in an indoor slip-and-fall accident, don’t attempt to get up and walk it off. Notify your employer, call for help and receive first aid if necessary.

After everything calms down, learn more about your right to seek workers’ compensation benefits, as well as the steps you can take to hold your employer and/or property owner responsible for your injuries and other damages from a slip-and-fall accident.


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