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A PennDOT worker is injured after being hit along I-81

A PennDOT worker was seriously injured when the vehicle that he was in was struck by another motorist around 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 14 in Harrisburg.

According to a spokesperson with the Pennsylvania State Police, the worker had just finished helping a stranded motorist along the left shoulder that connects Route 22 to Interstate 81 North when his vehicle was struck.

The worker was reportedly preparing to get into his work truck to depart where he’d been helping the motorist when one of his co-workers called his attention to a fast-approaching vehicle. The victim quickly dove into his vehicle just seconds before the driver struck his truck.

State police investigators have determined that the motorist who struck the worker was operating their vehicle above the posted speed limit in the moments before the crash. This ultimately caused them to lose control of their vehicle and to travel onto the roadway’s shoulder.

Both the PennDOT worker and the negligent motorist’s 3-year-old child suffered serious injuries in the crash. Police didn’t disclose what they were treated for.

It’s unclear if the motorist responsible for injuring the worker will face any criminal charges for their actions.

If there’s one thing that you should know about crashes that occur on interstates in Dauphin, it’s that speed seriously injuries and kills victims. Individuals who are fortunate enough to survive car crashes that occur there are often left with serious impairments to their necks and backs. If this prevents you from being able to work, then a workplace injuries attorney can provide sound advice as to whether you may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.


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