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Are you familiar with these bulldozer safety tips?

There are many situations in which a bulldozer can be used to improve efficiency and speed up the process of completing a job. For example, these are often used on construction sites for grading and moving around large piles of debris.

If you’re a bulldozer operator or work in close proximity to these vehicles, it’s important to keep these five safety tips in mind at all times:

  • Only licensed individuals should operate a bulldozer: If you’re not licensed and qualified to operate a bulldozer, you shouldn’t attempt to do so. It takes advanced knowledge to safely use one of these vehicles.
  • Always wear a seat belt: In addition to safety equipment, such as a helmet, you should always wear a seat belt when operating a bulldozer. This holds true even if you’re only moving it from one location to another.
  • Inspect your bulldozer for damage and defects: Before using a bulldozer, conduct a thorough inspection with an eye toward damage and defects that could impact your safety.
  • Follow the guidance of all flaggers, signs and barricades: When a bulldozer is in use, flaggers, signs and barricades are often set up to keep other vehicles and pedestrians at a safe distance.
  • Take great caution around trenches: Trenches or any other type of excavation can result in an accident, such as a rollover. Even if you don’t drive into a trench, getting too close can cause the earth to move.

If you’re involved in a bulldozer accident, check yourself for injuries and call 911 for help. Also, report the accident to your supervisor, as this helps protect your legal rights and your co-workers.

If your accident causes injuries that will keep you away from work, don’t hesitate to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.


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