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Construction safety must be a priority at the site

| Jan 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

There are many hazards that construction workers face on a daily basis. The contracting companies they work for must do what is necessary to protect these individuals. There is no conceivable reason why a person who goes in for a shift at a construction site shouldn’t make it home safely at the end of the shift.

The culture of safety has to be bred into the crew. Construction companies can’t assume that their workers are automatically going to do what is safe. In fact, they should probably assume the exact opposite because many laborers are going to be focused on getting their work done and going home.

Empowering workers

Empowering the workers is one of the most powerful tools that construction companies have at their disposal. Because senior members of the company might not spend a lot of time on the sites, they have to count on those who do to point out safety violations. The problem is that there might be a sense of fear in the employees. Some might be worried about bullying or even retaliation if they do speak up about these matters. Building rapport and trust with the employees can help to encourage them to say something if they see issues.

Plan for jobs

The planning process should include steps to reduce the chance of certain common hazards. This also gives the company a chance to ensure that they have the equipment, tools and materials to do the job safely. It likewise provides an opportunity to ensure that the workers who are doing specific jobs have been properly trained, which must include safety training.

Keep up with training

Companies can’t train workers once and expect that they will remember all the rules and tips. Instead, they need to have refresher courses, which are akin to continuing education classes. This keeps safety at the front of the everyone’s mind.

When workers are injured, there must be a clear plan for getting them medical care. Workers’ compensation information must be available. Of course, some accidents are due to issues like faulty equipment. These cases might lead to third-party claims. Determining how to proceed in these cases can be difficult, but workers should determine their options to ensure they are taking the path that is most appropriate.


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