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An East Allen conductor is crushed in between train cars

A train crash and derailment at a cement plant in Northampton County earlier this month resulted in one of the employees there being transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. The incident happened at the Keystone Cement Company in East Allen Township right around noon.

According to a spokesperson with the East Allen Township Fire Department, a conductor had seen a train fast approaching in his direction. Since it didn’t appear that he had enough time to get out of its way, he attempted to climb out of the engine car to get out of harm’s way. Soon thereafter, a shuttle wagon, or the vehicle used to move trains around, crashed into him. That collision forced both cars off the tracks.

The train’s conductor ended up being crushed in between the shuttle wagon and his engine car. East Allen Township firemen had to bring in the jaws of life in order to free him from the wreckage.

At the facility where the incident occurred, they have their own private tracks where they load their own rail cars with cement barriers used in Pennsylvania highway construction projects. Once they’re filled, the train cars are sent out onto the nearby live tracks to be hauled away.

Crash scene investigators are trying to make sense of what went wrong in this case to ensure that similar collisions don’t happen in the future.

No further details were released about the severity of the conductor’s injuries or his prognosis.

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