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What steps should I follow after an injury on the job?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

While some industries are more dangerous than others to work in, virtually anyone can get hurt on the job. When you become injured, your likely goal is to get relief from your pain as quickly as possible. In moments like those, you may not remember what steps your employer requires you to take if you’re hurt on the job. Even if you know them, you may wonder if you’re really obligated to see a doctor of their selection or if you can see one of your own.

If you’re hurt on the job in Dauphin, then the very first step that you should take is to report what happened to your supervisor. You should then let them know that you want to be seen by a doctor right away. Then, immediately request a workers’ compensation claim form and fill it out.

The reason why you want to take these three steps after becoming injured on the job is because an employer isn’t required to offer any workers’ compensation benefits until you request them. By reporting your injury right away, you’ll ensure that there won’t be any delay in receiving lost income or medical payments.

If you’re hurt on the job, then it’s likely that your employer will give you the name and contact information for a doctor and tell you to go see them. A common question that attorneys get asked by workers is if they have to go see the doctor of their employer’s choosing. Sadly there’s no single answer to that question. Your options vary by jurisdiction.

You may be required to see the doctor your employer refers you to for at least a month before transferring to one of your choice — with some exceptions. You may be allowed to switch doctors much sooner if the doctor that you’ve been asked to see is not adequately trained to treat your condition or if they’re not providing you with an adequate level of care.

Workers’ compensation benefits that you may qualify for include medical and disability payments. If your injury impacts your ability to return to work, then you may qualify for a permanent disability settlement and even vocational rehabilitation. A workers’ compensation attorney can guide you in understanding what types of coverage you may be eligible for under Pennsylvania law.


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