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How often are workers exposed to toxins at work?

A United Nations (UN) toxins specialist published a study late last year about the risk of toxic exposure that workers from all around the world face. He noted that a worker dies from hazardous work conditions every 15 seconds. Every 30 seconds, they die after coming in contact with toxins.

During the past two months, there have been various cases of toxic exposure that have gained the attention of news reporters throughout the United States.

In one instance in Ohio, workers at a factory that manufactures musical instruments were exposed to copper dust, a known toxin. In Florida, employees at a company that prepares pet food were forced to handle corrosive chemicals without being given protective gear.

A third case took place at a hair salon here in Pennsylvania. They were cited after it was discovered that its workers were being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Toxic exposure cases are endless.

The UN researcher who published the study notes that 2.8 million workers worldwide lose their lives due to their work in unhealthy or unsafe work environments on an annual basis.

He also highlights how many occupational diseases, such as lung cancer, are often caused by workers inhaling toxic chemicals in the workplace. Illnesses such as this account for 86 percent of the premature deaths that occur.

The study’s author argues that 70 percent of those with occupational diseases have cancer. He notes that virtually all of those cancers are preventable.

He says that he’s numbered in on 200 chemicals or substances that are often found in workplaces that are likely carcinogens.

Those who have come into contact with them have developed fertility issues, neurological illnesses and fatal lung diseases. He notes that the disabilities that individuals exposed to these toxic chemicals have to endure are cruel. He notes that employers can help them minimize their exposure to them though.

Most employers in Dauphin are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. They’re supposed to have it in case an employee suffers an illness or injury that affects their ability to work. If you suffer from a debilitating condition that was brought about by exposure to a toxic chemical on the job, then a workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve.


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