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How to prevent tools from falling from above

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On many work sites, especially in the construction industry, there are always people working at height. While this is unavoidable, these workers must be careful to never drop an object to the ground below.

Any object, even something that doesn’t appear dangerous, can pick up enough speed during the fall to injure someone on the ground.

Here are some tips to follow when using fall protection equipment:

  • Make sure the equipment, such as lanyards and wristbands, allow you to use the tool without interference
  • Never modify a tool to attach it to fall protection equipment
  • Any tool weighing more than five pounds should attach to a fixed structure
  • Follow the tether load rating at all times
  • Only use systems that are designed to work together

Are you taking safety precautions?

Just because you understand the risks of falling objects doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing everything you can to prevent trouble. If you work in an environment where falling objects are possible, here are some things you must do:

  • Secure all tools and other objects to prevent them from falling, such as when working on scaffolding or a roof
  • Post warning signs to provide others with a clear idea of what’s happening on the worksite
  • Use screens, guardrails and toe boards when working on scaffolding, as this prevents objects from accidentally being knocked to the ground
  • Use canopies and debris nets to catch anything that falls from above

Also, if you’re working on the ground, be sure to wear a helmet at all times. Doing so can protect you against serious injury in the event that an object strikes you from above.

How to handle an accident

If you’re injured in a construction site accident, immediately assess your situation and decide what to do next. This typically means calling 911 for treatment, administering first aid and reporting the incident to your employer.

After you receive a diagnosis, you can discuss your long-term prognosis with your doctor. Depending on your injury and severity, you may not be able to return to work in the near future.

Rather than deal with the aftermath of the accident on your own, file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim to secure financial peace of mind during this difficult time.


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