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A western Pennsylvania worker is attacked by a bear on the job

A worker at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington was attacked by a bear while on the job on July 20. They were leading guests on a “Safari Tour” when the animal suddenly turned on them that fateful Saturday morning.

According to officials in the western Pennsylvania city, the worker had been guiding resort visitors around the different wire fence enclosures where the animals are kept moments before the incident occurred. A Himalayan bear reportedly reached its paw out as they reached the bear enclosure. It pulled the worker closer as they stood between two different layers of wire fencing. It then bit the employee’s arm.

Representatives from the resort were forced to distract the bear to get it to release the worker. A nurse tended to the employee and stabilized them. They were then life-flighted to an area trauma hospital where they were admitted as stable and alert. It’s unclear what the employee’s long term prognosis is.

Resort representatives argue that the enclosure had been recently inspected and deemed to be “completely secure.”

Workers generally trust their employers to keep them safe. They assume that their bosses wouldn’t do anything that would put workers or guests in jeopardy of getting hurt. Sadly, an investigation into such incidents often reveals that someone on the corporate side dropped the ball and their negligence resulted in a worker’s injuries.

You shouldn’t have to foot the bill for medical and rehabilitative costs or lose pay because someone else didn’t do their job. A workplace injuries attorney can explain what options are available to you to cover your current medical expenses, lost wages and long term care here in Dauphin.


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