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What types of injuries are most common among restaurant workers?

A study previously published by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) captured how at least 3 million workers across the United States are hurt in slip-and-fall incidents every year. Slip-and-fall incidents are just one of several types of accidents that restaurant owners have to train their workers to avoid.

Burns and lacerations are two other leading causes of restaurant worker injuries. When grouped, they account for 33% of the workers’ compensation claims filed by employees in this industry.

Slips and falls often happen when the kitchen and wait staff are busy and don’t have time to clean wet, slippery or greasy floors or pick up food debris.

Employers can help make employee areas safer by making sure that appliances, drains and pipes are functioning properly.

Restaurant managers and owners should also make sure that staff members keep walkways clutter-free and clean up messes right away. A restaurant’s leadership should encourage their workers to use warning signs to call attention to potentially hazardous situations.

Employers can help reduce the chances that a worker will suffer a laceration by making sure that their staff is equipped with the right tools for the job. Any knives, slicers and peelers made available to staff should be of high quality and at optimal sharpness. Workers should be given nonslip cutting boards to cut any food on.

Burn injuries among restaurant workers are often caused by workers being forced to work in tight quarters. These incidents generally involve workers that aren’t properly trained how to safely perform their job. Employers should regularly maintain their equipment to make sure that it’s working properly and train their staff on how to use it.

Most dining establishments appear to be calm from the perspective of the customer. What happens behind the scenes is often chaotic though. Whenever there are a lot of moving parts, it makes workers vulnerable to getting hurt.

The best thing that you can do as a Dauphin restaurant worker who is hurt on the job is to immediately notify your employer about the incident that occurred. It’s important that you then proceed to the doctor to get checked out.

You should then consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable about how Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws work. Your lawyer can advise you as to what type of benefits you may qualify for when you’ve been hurt.


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