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A Philadelphia carpenter wins a $10 million injury settlement

A 43-year-old Philadelphia man has won a $10 million settlement after he was seriously injured while working as a union carpenter in Center City back in February 2016.

The carpenter was working at a Center City construction site on a bitterly cold morning in February nearly four years ago when his life was changed forever. A water pipe burst that morning at the construction site. The water that came pouring out froze. He stepped on the icy patch and fell to the ground.

First State Mechanical was the contractor who the man initially filed suit against. It was one of their workers that struck the water line at the site causing the water to pour out. It was their subcontractor who did the drilling into the pipe. They were listed as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit.

The discovery filed in the case revealed how the First State supervisor overseeing the project was a habitual opioid user. The evidence shared with the jury showed how he was likely aware of the icy conditions, but more concerned with taking a break than addressing it. He and his colleagues didn’t take any measures to warn others of the dangers that awaited them.

In the man’s lawsuit, he outlined how his injuries to his right leg have made it difficult for him to engage in the same activities that he was accustomed to doing in the past. It also spells out how he was unable to serve as a caregiver for sickly loved ones or to serve as pallbearer at their funeral. The man’s future ability to work and enjoy life has been put in jeopardy by what happened to him.

Some of the most dangerous workplaces in this country are construction sites. The combination of heavy machinery, falling tools and contractors working high up off the ground and other factors make these job sites particularly unsafe. You have rights if you’ve been hurt on this job here in Dauphin or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

An attorney with experience in workplace injuries can advise you of compensation that you may be entitled to if you’ve been hurt while at work here.


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