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Social Security Disability benefits: Get what you deserve

Life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. If this happens by way of a serious injury or illness, you may find yourself seeking financial compensation. This can come in many forms, with Social Security Disability benefits at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, the majority of Social Security Disability claims are initially denied.

As frustrating as it may be, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t disabled. It simply means that the Social Security Administration made a mistake or requires more information to approve your claim.

On the plus side, the Social Security Administration has an appeals process in place that allows you to challenge your decision.

Conversely, the process is long and full of twists and turns, which can make it difficult to receive the compensation you deserve. This is particularly true if you’re dealing with an injury or illness that makes it difficult to partake in the appeals process.

You can file an appeal if your benefits are:

  • Denied
  • Terminated
  • Less than what you should receive
  • Modified

There are four different types of appeals:

  • Reconsideration
  • Administrative Law Judge hearing
  • Review before the Social Security Administration Council
  • Filing a claim against the Social Security Administration in federal court

It’s your hope that a simple reconsideration is all that it takes to receive Social Security Disability benefits in the future. This is the first step in the appeals process, and includes a review of your case by an individual who did not make the original decision.

This person is responsible for reviewing your initial application and evidence, along with anything else you’ve provided.

If a reconsideration request doesn’t result in an approval, it’s time to move onto an Administrative Law Judge hearing.

From there, an Appeals Council Review is next, followed by the final step in the process, a federal district court review.

Keep in mind that each step of the process has a deadline, which is 60 days to file for further review.

Getting the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve can be easier said than done, so take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights in Pennsylvania and hopefully receive compensation in the future.


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