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What puts health care workers at risk of getting sick on the job?

The medical field is one of the most dangerous fields for individuals to work in. Workers in this industry are exposed to a variety of hazards that place them at risk of injury or illnesses.

Medical professionals often work long, unpredictable hours. This results in stressful days. Many of us are aware of how stress kills. Doctors and nurses are regularly under extreme pressure. Patients can walk in the door with an unknown medical ailment at any point after all. Patients can experience a sudden decline in their health as well. Stress causes medical staff to make errors. This means that it’s not just health care providers’ lives that are in danger, but patients’ lives as well.

Another workplace hazard that can affect health care workers and make them vulnerable to getting hurt or sick are sharps, drug and contagion injuries. Medical personnel generally don’t treat healthy people, but instead, those who are sick. Health care workers put themselves at risk of contracting a contagious illness in just having close contact with them. These workers risk coming into conduct with drugs and other toxic substances when administering medication to patients or assisting doctors in performing procedures on them.

Latex and other allergies are common among medical personnel. Chemical injuries are too. Patients often come into their offices after having been exposed to a multitude of harmful substances.

Other factors put health care workers at risk of getting injured or dying. Picking up or shifting patients around can be harmful to medical personnel’s backs. There’s been an uptick in violence at hospitals in recent years as well. The threat of someone brandishing and using a weapon inside of a medical care facility is a reality.

The injury and illness risk that medical professionals face is real. This is why many Pennsylvania health care facilities have procedures in place to protect both their patients and staff. Much of what they do is often done retroactively — after someone has already been hurt. If you’ve fallen ill on the job due to an occupational hazard, then a workplace illness attorney in Dauphin can help you secure the funds that you need to ensure that you get the best quality medical care in your situation.


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