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Coronavirus patients may end up with long-term health problems

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Workplace Illness

Many individuals here in Pennsylvania find themselves on edge as they wait for government officials to find a way to stop the spread of coronavirus. Some of the individuals that are most eager to see this happen are health care workers who find themselves on the front line dealing with sickly patients. Many are at risk of developing permanent impairments if they contract the virus.

Researchers in Hong Kong have been studying coronavirus since it first started spreading across China at the end of last year. One factor that they’ve been looking into is whether patients who survive the virus will be left with long-term ill effects from it. The researchers have found they might.

Preliminary research shows that individuals exposed to coronavirus may experience between 20 and 30% decreased lung function long after they test negative for the virus. The researchers point out that individuals are most apt to notice this reduced lung capacity when they continue to experience hollow breathing in the weeks and months after they test positive for the virus.

The researchers also conducted body scans of at least twelve individuals two to three weeks post-diagnosis. Those imaging studies showed that at least three-quarters of the patients had suffered permanent lung damage.

Health care analysts are concerned about these findings but point out that any damage and symptoms may not be lasting. They note that only time will tell. Many medical analysts believe that some patients may be able to recover some lung function by performing regular cardiovascular exercises. The researchers point out that they’ll need to complete further imaging in the upcoming months and years to know for sure what patient prognoses will be like.

Many first responders, health care workers and other workers have contracted the virus because they came into contact with sickly patients while not wearing adequate personal protective equipment. Now, these workers may be left with long-term health concerns as a result.

If you’ve contracted coronavirus and you’re continuing to experience impairments as a result then you may qualify for Social Security Disability. An attorney in Dauphin can review the details surrounding your illness and let you know whether you should request benefits in your case.


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