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Long-term effects of brain injuries can make life difficult

| Mar 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Vehicle crashes and work-related accidents can lead to brain injuries. It is imperative for anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury to be ready to deal with what’s possible in the future. One thing that people don’t realize is that these injuries can have long-term impacts regardless of the severity.

Many of the effects people face lessen over time but some never fully go away. They might learn how to live a full life despite these symptoms, but it isn’t always easy. Each case is different, so the care team for each person will develop a customized plan to help them through what they’re facing.

Sensitivity to light and noise

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to sensitivity to noise and light. This might be very intense, but it can come and go. Around 25% of people who have this type of injury suffer from these sensitivities at the 12-month mark, and many will continue to have them for the remainder of their life. In some cases, the sensitivities also lead to other problems. Vision disturbances, including double vision and blurriness, are also possible.

Headaches and fatigue

You might experience headaches, including migraines, when you have a traumatic brain injury. These are often debilitating and can lead to considerable changes in how victims have to live their lives. Fatigue might be directly related to the damage done to the brain. It could also be caused by the lack of sleep that’s associated with the pain that some individuals experience. In some cases, dizziness might also be a problem, which can make it hard to handle normal tasks.

Behavioral changes

The way that a traumatic brain injury impacts a person depends on a variety of factors, including the location of the injury. Behavioral changes can be very challenging because the mood swings can happen quickly. Sometimes, there isn’t a noticeable trigger. This can make holding down a job complicated because of the possibility of uncontrollable emotions and irrational behavior.

For individuals who have brain injuries, financial concerns can also weigh heavily on them. They might opt to pursue a compensation claim if the injury was caused by a negligent party. This can alleviate some of the financial pressure and enable them to get the help they need to cope with their injuries and learn how to live a meaningful life.


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