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These 3 office hazards can result in injuries

Though you may not have known it, offices can be dangerous places to work. While most desk jobs don’t seem particularly hazardous, they can, and do, cause injuries regularly.

If those accidents happen to you, then you should be able to seek workers’ compensation. Here is some more information on the most common kinds of workplace accidents in office settings.

What are some common hazards in offices?

Universally, one of the major issues workers face is a slip, trip or fall accident. These accidents can happen because of wet floors, poorly lit hallways, unstable work surfaces or other reasons. How can you avoid them? Simple steps, like using better lighting and having good office cleaning routines can help keep floors clear of debris and keep you from tripping and falling.

Another type of injury to know about is an ergonomic injury. Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in a work environment. To make a workplace more efficient, ergonomic equipment or tools should be used. For instance, a quality, ergonomic chair will provide good support for a worker, prevent fatigue and help them be more comfortable throughout the day. It also supports good posture and prevents injuries from poor ergonomics. This is just one example of why good ergonomics matter in the workplace.

A third kind of injury that anyone working with a computer should think about is eye strain. If you spend a large amount of time at your computer each day, then you’re more likely to suffer from eye strain. This can make your eyes dry or irritated, which then makes it hard to focus. How can you prevent eye strain? For every hour you’re on the computer, you need to take at least 10 minutes off. This gives your eyes a chance to take a break and will give you an opportunity to get up and move around.

These are a few examples of the injuries that can take place at work. It is your employer’s responsibility to make your workplace safe and efficient. If you are experiencing trouble with your neck or back because of poor ergonomics, aren’t getting enough breaks to prevent eye strain or are struggling with other issues, speak up. Your employer should listen and take steps to correct the safety issues in your workplace. If they don’t and you suffer an injury, then you may be in a position to file for workers’ compensation.


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