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These are 5 of the most common injuries on the job

In workplaces, there are always hazards. In fact, even the most harmless of jobs has its risks. From trips and falls to repetitive-motion injuries, the following are five of the most common injuries that people suffer on the job.

Remember, if you get hurt on the job, you should call 911 or head to a hospital. Your accident should be covered by workers’ compensation under most circumstances.

1. Machine entanglement

Machine entanglement occurs when a person is pulled into the machine in some way. For instance, if you wear loose clothing, it could get stuck in the machine and pull you in.

2. Falls from heights

Falling from a height can be very dangerous. Whether it’s from a roof on a single-story home or a fall from faulty equipment, you could be left with broken bones, head injuries or other wounds.

3. Reaction injuries

Reaction injuries are also common on work sites. These are injuries that happen because of tripping or slipping but not falling. These incidents can lead to trauma, such as sprains or strains.

4. Vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents, and equipment accidents, can happen while employees are working. Coworkers who drive on a company lot without paying attention or those using heavy equipment incorrectly could all end up with injuries.

5. Walking into injuries

Walking into injuries happen when a person walks into an object. For example, a clear piece of glass may not be obvious, and a worker could run straight into it and get hurt. Similarly, someone who isn’t paying attention might run into a sharp edge of a cabinet or injure their leg on a chair as they trip.

Every kind of workplace accident can be prevented. Employers should always take the time to review safety procedures and protocols, so they know that people are doing as they should and being safe on the job.

If an accident does take place at work, everyone there should be trained in the steps to take. For example, if you work with machinery, you should know where the kill switch is to turn it off after an accident. You should also be trained on when to call for help and how to recognize injuries.

Employers should be informed if there are unsafe items in your workplace or if you have seen hazards that should be addressed. You should always be vigilant and do what you can to help prevent accidents by staying informed and trained on safety protocols.


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