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The proper motorcycle gear can help reduce your injury risks

As summer heats up, the call of the open road becomes harder to ignore.  As you prepare to get your motorcycle out for the season, you can help reduce your risk of serious injury before you even get your bike out of the garage. Motorcycle safety begins with wearing the proper gear.

Start at the top

Nobody likes wearing a helmet. They’re hot, and they do no favors for your hair. Anyways, Pennsylvania law only requires certain motorcyclists to wear helmets. However, they can truly make the difference between life and death if you’re involved in a motorcycle crash.

It’s important to remember that you can’t just slap anything on your head and call it a day. You should look for the following in your motorcycle helmet:

  • A thick liner
  • A tight yet comfortable fit
  • A bit of heft (three pounds or so is considered reasonable)
  • A helmet that meets federal safety regulations

If your helmet doesn’t come with a face shield, then invest in some form of eye protection. Sun, wind, bugs, and debris can cause a tragedy in a split second.

You should do a bit of research before making a helmet purchase. Some less trustworthy sellers have been known to overstate the safety claims of their helmets. Don’t wait for a crash to find out your helmet wasn’t road-ready.

Keep it covered

Motorcyclists don’t favor leather because it’s fashionable. It’s durable and can help protect against road rash should you happen to take a spill. Other materials can also help protect you from serious injury. It’s most important to provide yourself with adequate coverage. This means long sleeves, pants, and even gloves. All of that gear can get hot, so frequent breaks and keeping yourself hydrated is crucial if you’re going on a longer trip.

Don’t forget your feet

Flip-flops probably aren’t the best choice for a biker. Your choice of footwear should also protect your feet from debris and abrasions. Boots are always a reliable choice. Whichever form of foot protection you choose, ensure it’s free of dangling laces or other pieces that can become entangled in your bike.

Safety starts at home

Sometimes, crashes are inevitable. However, with the proper gear, it’s possible to keep a bad situation from getting worse. The right outfit may mean the difference between walking away and enduring many painful months in a hospital.


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