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Montgomery County leads the state in distracted driving tickets

It looks like Montgomery County and Harrisburg lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in something nobody should be proud of: distracted drivers.

According to statistics released earlier this summer by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, police issued more distracted driving citations in Montgomery County than any other county in the commonwealth from 2015 through the end of 2019. Within the county, local cops and State Police troopers issued a total of 2,317 citations over those five years. That represents more than 11 percent of all the citations throughout Pennsylvania during those years, in just the third-most populated county.

Allegheny County ranked second, collecting 8 percent of distracted driving tickets, while several Philadelphia-area counties rounded out most of the rest of the top ten. Cumberland County came in sixth place.

Distracted driving in Pennsylvania is a problem

Under Pennsylvania’s anti-distracted driving law, it is illegal to text and drive. Otherwise, you are allowed to operate a cellphone with your hand while driving, unless you are driving a commercial vehicle. Thus, even when law enforcement is citing Pennsylvanians for distracted driving, there are plenty of people who are legally driving while distracted. They are looking at their phone’s GPS app, viewing photos and videos, playing games, or otherwise taking their attention off the road, where it belongs.

Every year, distracted drivers cause hundreds of serious car accidents in Pennsylvania. Distracted driving causes drivers’ reaction times, awareness and judgment to slow down. It is entirely preventable, yet as the citation numbers suggest, many people in the Harrisburg area do it every day. As a result, responsible drivers and passengers get caught in terrible crashes and suffer major, preventable injuries. Several victims are disabled for life.

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