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Distracted driving accidents and the technological connection

Distractions inside of a motor vehicle while moving is one of the most common causes of auto accidents in Pennsylvania. Even drivers who have no passengers can become distracted in a variety of ways ranging from listening to the radio to the use of a cellphone. This scenario has even become such a dilemma that many state legislatures have made it a priority when enhancing technological restrictions for drivers, making texting while driving a primary driving violation beyond a secondary infraction.

More technological advances as preventative measures

State governments are not the only groups who are also focused on the problem of distracted driving, as manufacturers are also improving safety devices in new automobiles. Some models now have cruise control options that also include automated vehicular slowing based on distance from the vehicle directly in front of a driver. In addition, most have incorporated onboard hands-free in-dash cell phones that allow the driver to talk in real time while driving without having to handle the phone.

Achieving the ultimate goal of accident reduction

While these strides toward highway safety will indeed contribute to fewer motor vehicle accidents, there is still no substitute for minimal distractions within the vehicle while driving. This can include eating and drinking as well as even listening to the radio, and it can be especially important when there are passengers in the car who are using technological devices as a form of entertainment. Any movement or even discussion in a vehicle can still affect the driver on some level.

Pennsylvania attorneys who represent motor vehicle crash victims know the dangers of distracted driving all too well, as they see it in some form in many cases. There is nothing like paying close attention to the road when driving, especially at high rates of speed, and drivers should always comply with not only state regulations regarding technological devices but a reduction in eating or consuming any beverages while in transit. Even something as seemingly simple as spilled hot coffee can cause accidents at a moment’s notice.


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