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How workers’ compensation can help you if you are injured

Most Pennsylvania employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which can protect you financially if you are injured on the job or become ill because of exposure to something hazardous in your workplace. Workers’ compensation covers you from your first day at work.

What is covered

If you are injured on the job, as far as coverage from workers’ compensation goes, it does not matter if you, your employer, another employee or no one at all is at fault. You are still eligible to receive benefits. Workers’ compensation payments may cover your medical bills, which can include hospital stays, surgery, prescriptions, orthopedic supplies and treatment by physicians and other medical professionals. It also covers a portion of lost wages while you recover and offers disability benefits. Workers’ compensation will not pay benefits for pain and suffering resulting from the accident, however.

Applying for compensation

There are certain procedures that you need to follow in order to get workers’ compensation, such as informing your employer as soon as possible about your need for treatment. This should usually be done prior to seeking treatment although of course in an emergency, you will generally be treated first.

If you have been injured at work or exposure to hazards on the job has made you ill, you may want to contact an attorney to discuss your rights and your options. Your employer should not discourage you from applying for workers’ compensation or retaliate against you if you do file. An attorney may be able to assist you if you are having problems with your employer or with completing the necessary paperwork. An attorney might also be helpful if your claim is rejected and you need to file an appeal.


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