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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

The most common construction site injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) carefully tracks all reported work-related injuries and deaths each year. Construction workers are at increased risk, compared to other occupations, for serious injury and even death on the job.

Heat exposure: an often overlooked danger in the workplace

There are many dangers faced on the job, especially during construction and manufacturing. There is no other hazard more dangerous than heat exposure, especially during the steamy summer months. Heat exposure is a risk many forget they face no matter what job they're doing. However, if you work in construction, landscaping, or any job outdoors, you are especially at risk. But what harm can heat exposure do? Here are several injuries that may result from work-related heat exposure:

Construction accident leads to criminal conviction for contractor

Anyone who is familiar with previous posts here probably knows by now that there can be more to a workplace injury incident than what is involved in a workers' compensation proceeding. If there is any type of gross negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the employer, the incident may result in more than just workers' compensation: a lawsuit could be filed by the injured worker against the employer. And, in cases that actually result in criminal charges, the possibility of a civil lawsuit against the employer in addition to the criminal case is all the more probable.

OSHA to check Pennsylvania construction workers' accident

The death of a 29-year-old construction worker employed on a project at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) in mid-June has now led to an investigation by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The agency is charged with establishing safety rules and guidelines for various industries. OSHA has both enforcement powers and the ability to assess penalties for violations against any company, including those in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanian construction workers' safety

It is a well-established fact throughout Pennsylvania that construction workers are very vulnerable to workplace accidents. Construction workers often work in accident-prone areas, like highways and roads, while maintaining and rebuilding the basic infrastructure of the state.

Pennsylvania trying to ensure construction workers' safety

As many Pennsylvanians know, every year, construction workers are injured while doing their jobs repairing, maintaining and building the state's roads and highways. One basic problem is that motor vehicle drivers often speed in these areas, despite posted speed restrictions, warnings about fines and notices that workers are in the area. To address this perennial problem, state legislators work closely with law enforcement officials to find ways to hold drivers responsible for their traffic violations.

How outreach training programs help construction workers

Construction workers are in danger of injuries and accidents in the workplace. In some cases, construction workers might be fatally injured in a workplace accident. The employer is obligated to give workers' compensation to the employee in the event of an accident in the workplace or during the time that the employee is working, whether that person is in the workplace or somewhere else off-site.

Construction worker badly injured as police chase suspect

As most Pennsylvania residents probably know, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the country and makes workers vulnerable to injuries or death from a wide variety of circumstances and environments. Imagine a worker's surprise, however, when an entirely unforeseen danger suddenly presents itself and causes severe injury.

Trench collapse traps Pennsylvania construction worker for hours

Some people may not be aware of the perils of construction work in Pennsylvania and across the United States. In fact, construction is often considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs of all. Because of the dangers of construction work, various federal and state agencies have been spreading awareness about construction safety. After all, construction, despite its dangers, is an integral part of infrastructure development. However, despite safety measures, lapses occur and, sometimes, there is a report of a construction accident.

What safety gear should construction workers wear?

Residents of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, would probably agree that construction workers play a very important role in their lives. They help build homes, roads, schools, hospitals, offices, bridges and many other things that residents take for granted.

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