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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Pennsylvania workers have the right to a safe workplace

Industrial workers in Pennsylvania are exposed to various risks in the workplace. Those include unfriendly and difficult work environments, workplace injury and exposure to chemical hazards. Some workplace accidents may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities and some may even lead to the death of the worker. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the other concerned authorities have established regulations to ensure safety in the workplace and in the process, prevent many workplace injuries.

A few important points to note about filing for compensation

Workers in Pennsylvania may know that most employers in this state are required to pay compensation for both workplace injuries and for accidental deaths in the workplace. However, under some conditions, employers are not liable for compensation.

The CSB's role in preventing industrial workers' accidents

The Federal Chemical Safety Board in the United States is responsible for conducting investigations into chemical accidents that occur in factories. Such industrial workers' accidents can cause severe injuries or even fatalities. Preventing such devastating accidents by regularly maintaining the chemical plants is thus a key responsibility of all employers in the industrial field.

How OSHA monitors workers' exposures to chemical hazards

Pennsylvanians who work in industries with known hazards generally learn the best way to work with dangerous substances and how to stay safe with materials that could injure or kill them. Employees of companies in the chemical industry probably face even greater risks from thousands of chemicals with well-documented health effects. Their use is regulated by the federal and state governments, including Pennsylvania's.

Pennsylvanian rights under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act

Among all workers in Pennsylvania, miners are among those who have a higher chance of being injured or killed on the job. Those who work in steel and related industries, as well as in construction, also face significant injury risks. To address the problems that mining accidents present to miners, the federal government enacted safety legislation in 1977 -- the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act -- that outlines miners' rights and responsibilities. Both federal and Pennsylvania authorities are tasked with enforcing the law, and its provisions to ensure that employers provide safe working environments for miners.

Worker presumed dead following silo collapse in Pennsylvania

Industrial workers' accidents are not uncommon in the United States, including here in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. A serious injury to an industrial worker may result in either temporary or permanent disability, or even death.

CSB aims to preventing industrial chemical accidents

The safety of industrial workers is a primary concern of federal and state authorities, including those in Pennsylvania. Among the federal regulatory agencies that are responsible for enforcing safety in workplaces are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environment Protection Agency. Both of these agencies enforce regulations that have been enacted to help prevent industrial and workplace accidents.

How were industrial accidents handled historically?

Today's American workers are accustomed to following stringent safety practices relevant to each industry to ensure workplace safety. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, industrial workers know about the use of specific equipment and procedures to ensure that every workplace, including a factory floor or industrial workshop, is rendered completely safe for employees. However, a century ago, workplaces were not as safe and the result was employees being incapacitated or losing their lives.

Safety at workplace can help prevent industrial accidents

Many people from Pennsylvania understand the various risks that workers of the oil and coal industry face. Because oil and coal are natural resources, they are often found in unfriendly environments; additionally, mining accidents, spills and blowouts are not uncommon. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and other authorities have established various laws that ensure the safety of the workers.

Preventing forklift accidents in the workplace

Pennsylvania residents know that there is widespread use of industrial trucks to transport materials. Lift trucks, rider trucks and forklifts are often seen at worksites statewide. Some workers who operate this machinery or work near it are injured every year due to unsafe work conditions.

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