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Johnstown sewer pipe worker fatally electrocuted

A sewer worker died on Thursday, April 12 after he was electrocuted while operating a piece of heavy machinery as he was attempting to make repairs to a sewer line. The incident occurred along DuPont Street in Johnstown just before 10:30 a.m.

Reporting is essential for injured workers to receive lost wages

Most workers who suffer a work-related injury or illness on the job are covered under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. As such, they are entitled to receive both lost wages and coverage for medical expenses for any injuries suffered on the job. If a worker dies, then his or her dependents may be entitled to receive death benefits as well.To claim WC benefits, it's important to report any work-related illness or injury to your employer right away. This will give you the highest chance of having your claim paid on.

The steps you take after being injured at work are critical

If your hand gets caught in a meat grinder while you're working at a butcher shop or you become ill from breathing in moldy air circulating in your office building, then you may be able to file a workers' compensation (WC) claim. While many employers in Pennsylvania are required to offer WC insurance, not every workplace injury is covered, neither is every worker is entitled to protection under these types of laws either.

A Somerset prison guard dies after being kicked by inmate

A Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) guard died on Monday, Feb. 26, after having suffered a head injury as a result of being kicked repeatedly by an inmate 11 days earlier on Feb. 15. Now the DOC has removed the work boots that are believed to have caused the officer's fatal injuries from its commissary shelves.

A Philadelphia worker sues Johnson & Johnson for his head injury

A Philadelphia-area Johnson & Johnson employee has filed a lawsuit against three different companies responsible for either managing or maintaining its offices located in Building M-5 at 40-84 Great Valley Parkway in Malvern. He alleges that their negligent maintenance of the ceiling immediately above his cubicle in the office building resulted in him suffering a serious head injury.

Workers are at even higher risk of injury during winter months

During the past month, many parts of the country have been affected by record-setting, freezing temperatures. While countless workers have been become ill with either the flu or colds as a result of their exposure to fluctuating temperatures, others have suffered trips, slips and falls. In the case of the latter, workers have suffered permanent injuries causing them to miss work and stunting employers' productivity as a result.

Workers' compensation decisions might have to be appealed

When you think of workers' compensation benefits, you might think about workers who suffer catastrophic injuries like amputated limbs. While it is true that those individuals can usually receive benefits, they aren't the only ones who can qualify for workers' compensation benefits. We can help you learn if the work-related injury or illness you have qualifies for benefits.

First Energy is sued for power plant workers' injuries and deaths

The widows of two power plant workers and their two injured colleagues joined together is filing a lawsuit against the regional electricity provider First Energy (FE) on Thursday, Nov. 16. The suit, which was filed in the federal district courthouse of Western Pennsylvania, accuses FE's administrators of both negligence and carelessness.

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