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Do Uber drivers get workers' compensation?

Since car accidents are one of the main ways Americans are hurt year in and year out, you can imagine that any profession that puts you behind the wheel is a serious risk. The sheer level of exposure to potential accidents means even safe, responsible drivers could be injured or killed.

A veteran Pittsburgh reporter is injured in a on-air stunt

The absence of a veteran Pittsburgh television reporter from KDKA nightly news broadcasts over the past few months has left many area residents wondering what had happened to him. After much public speculation, an attorney for the reporter, finally released a statement on his behalf on Feb. 9.

Employees should be protected from fall hazards at work

Employees deserve to work in a safe environment. One hazard that many workers face is falls. These aren't limited only to falls from heights. It also includes people who fall from a standing or sitting position onto the floor or another object. It is crucial that all workplaces have protections in place that can help to keep workers safe.

Dangerous lighting issues in the workplace

Improper lighting is a huge risk in the workplace. It can lead to many workplace accidents and injuries, including slip-and-fall accidents. For example, a stairwell always needs to be well-lit so that workers don't trip, especially if the stairs are not perfectly even or are worn out from years of use.

Car accident in a company vehicle?

Workplace injuries happen all the time, regardless of the industry or job sector where you work. Many occupations that require regular physical activity are more likely than others to generate job injuries, but some jobs that primarily involve paperwork may also hold more danger than you might realize, especially if you drive a company car.

A Leola worker suffers third-degree burns in a saw mill fire

A fire, that started in a warehouse at saw mill owned by H.M. Stauffer & Sons in the early morning hours of Thursday, Nov. 30, sent one of the company's workers to the hospital suffering from life-threatening burns about his whole body. Police are still investigating what caused the two-alarm fire, which occurred on Glenold Drive in Upper Leacock Township, just outside of Leola, Pennsylvania.

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