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Automobile Accidents Case Result

We know that when you or your loved one is hurt in a car accident, you have more important matters to focus on than money.

One of our clients, Holly, was a 70-year-old driver of a school van. A distracted driver crossed a double gold line and crashed into Holly head on. Holly was flown by Life Lion to Hershey Medical Center where she fought for her life in the intensive care unit. Miraculously, she survived but was on a breathing tube, had multiple broken bones, was bedridden, and could not speak. The insurance carrier wanted to transfer Holly to a nursing home instead of keeping her in the hospital and working to improve her condition. It would be cheaper for the insurance company, and the company thought that at her age, she would not live much longer.

Holly’s son called us. Holly’s son was concerned that she was not getting the care that she needed and that she would die or become a vegetable. We became involved right away and met with the family, contacted the insurance company, and got them to pay for the treatment Holly needed to recover. We made it plain that warehousing was not an option for our client. We wanted aggressive care for her and we got it.

Today, Holly is home with her family. The breathing tube has been removed and she can walk and talk. She has worked hard to recover, but without our intervention, she would not have had the resources, support, and expertise needed to be able to get well. Her husband and son have gotten their biggest worry lifted—to get Holly better. Some things are more important than money.

We also raised a voice to secure workers’ compensation payments for Holly as well as got her medical bills paid, income replacement from her private automobile insurance policy, and payments equaling the policy limits from the insurance companies for the school van, from the driver who hit Holly and from Holly’s own personal insurance policies. This amount totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars. We took a reduced fee of 25% and paid all costs.

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