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Employers can curb the impact of their workers' mental illness

We currently live in an era in which mental health issues are gaining increased attention in the news in Pennsylvania and for good reason. Research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health shows that as many as 45 million Americans were diagnosed with some type of mental illness in 2016. Data published by the American Heart Association (AHA) shows that 75 percent of workers have mental health issues.

Airport ground workers face dangerously cold conditions in winter

Throughout the bitter cold that's gripped large swaths of the country this winter, air travelers have expected their flights to take off on time as long as they could do so safely. To accomplish that, ground support workers have had to brave sub-zero temperatures. These are the people who service the planes, load and unload baggage and guide the planes on the tarmac and more.

Those with borderline personality disorders struggle to hold jobs

Individuals who suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD) often experience intense shifts in moods that range anywhere from anxiety to depression or anger. The episodes that someone with BPD may experience may last anywhere from several hours to a few days. While many individuals with BPD may be able to manage their symptoms with medicines and psychotherapy, these interventions may do very little to help others.

Cardiovascular disease is a real threat for some workers

Certain jobs carry with them an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Some do so because job-related tasks are stressful or overly sedentary, workers are exposed to excessive amounts of pollutants or are forced to work fluctuating schedules. Each of these factors can make workers more vulnerable to developing heart disease than others.

Proving that your repetitive motion injury is disabling may hard

Whether you work in an administrative position, are a bartender or are an X-ray technician, you likely engage in repetitive motions each day on the job. Repeating the same tasks over and over again can cause tendons, bones or muscles to be overused, resulting in repetitive stress injuries such as bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. These chronic conditions can make it difficult for you to continue working in the same capacity that you once did.

Individuals with multiple sclerosis may qualify for disability

If you were to meet several multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and interview them about their symptoms, then you'd find out that their experiences with the disease are quite varied. Diagnosing patients with MS is difficult as the symptoms that a patient experiences and the trajectory of the illness vary from person to person. How the disease develops is largely contingent upon the type of MS that a patient is diagnosed with.

Asbestos exposure still continues to affect workers, kills them

It seems that every time we flip on the television, we hear another commercial advertising the dangers associated with workers' asbestos exposure. The individuals featured in those commercials are older individuals. This likely gives some the impression that mesothelioma and other types of asbestos-related illnesses are some kind of senior condition that no longer threatens lives or is only something older people have to concern themselves with. This is far from the case, though.

Workers in certain professions are more likely be depressed

There are a number of factors that can cause an individual to experience symptoms of depression including a poor body image, illness, a lack of friends or family to rely on, financial difficulties or relationship concerns. There are factors in the workplace that can exacerbate those feelings, though, including having to work long hours or an unpredictable job schedule, lacking control or having a high stress role.

Heat-related illnesses are preventable

Summer brings an entirely new set of safety concerns for Pennsylvanians whose jobs involve working outdoors and/or doing physical labor. The sweltering sun and heat can be deadly if proper precautions aren't taken. Employers play a crucial role in ensuring that their workers don't suffer heat-related illnesses and injuries.

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