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Widespread Priest Abuse And Cover-Ups By Six Pennsylvania Dioceses

The Pennsylvania Attorney General released a grand jury report naming more than 300 Catholic priests accused of sexually abusing thousands of children over a period of decades. The report also identified cover-ups by church leaders in six of the eight dioceses in Pennsylvania, including Scranton, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Pittsburgh.

If you or your child was abused by a priest in Pennsylvania, your trust was betrayed and your life was changed forever. You deserve not only a chance to tell your story. You deserve justice.

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Victims Deserve Justice | Leaders And Priests Deserve Accountability

According to the report, the Roman Catholic Church, for years, did nothing to help abuse victims. In fact, the Church had a practice of protecting pedophiles, often paying off families of the abused children and transferring the abusers to other parishes where they would offend again. Church leaders knew about the abuse, documented it, and kept notes about it in secret archives.

The law, as it stands, shields many priests and church leaders who have committed serious crimes.

  • Criminal charges: Law enforcement can only file criminal charges against the alleged perpetrators if the offenses occurred within a certain time frame.
  • Civil lawsuits: Currently, child victims only have up to 12 years after their 18th birthday to file civil suits against these predator priests and the dioceses that allowed the abuse to happen.

Raise A Voice And Fighting To Change The Statute Of Limitations

Victims of abuse by priests and the Catholic Church itself deserve to have their day in court against their abusers.

Attorney Christopher Marzzacco, a former prosecutor and experienced civil trial lawyer said that “extending the statute of limitations as proposed in Senate Bill 261 would give these victims justice and the chance to hold the Catholic Church responsible for allowing reprehensible sexual abuse against children to go on for years.”

Marzzacco, who has successfully handled civil child abuse cases for victims against religious organizations in Pennsylvania in the past added, “Unless a change is made to the statute of limitations, hundreds of innocent victims-many of whom were abused while serving Mass in their home churches, will continue to suffer and the Catholic Church will get away with committing horrible sins..

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