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Wrongful Death

The untimely death of a loved one is heartbreaking, particularly when it was caused by negligence that could have been avoided. The pain and dismay of the loss of a loved one is completely overwhelming. To deal with legal issues during the time of grieving over your loss is painful, but, unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary. If the careless action of another caused the death of your loved one or family member, you may have the right to file a wrongful death suit in Pennsylvania courts.

Another individual or company may be at fault for your loved one’s death, and the legal system allows for a suit to be filed by certain family members. The wrongful death attorneys of Marzzacco Niven & Associates will assist you in establishing a lawsuit by evaluating the case at no cost to you. Attorney Christopher Marzzacco has guided dozens of families through the complicated laws and procedures that are part of making a claim under Pennsylvania’s Wrongful Act. Attorney Marzzacco ensures that he and his legal team can provide your family with all the resources necessary to properly address all the issues involved in a wrongful death cases-from fully investigating the cause of the incident, starting at the probate process, to assisting with obtaining counseling services and litigating the case in front of a jury or presenting a settlement proposal through the formal judicial approval process required by Pennsylvania law. Our attorneys will raise a voice and fight for the rights of you and your family.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Establishing whether you are eligible to file the lawsuit is a necessary first step. In most cases, only the decedent’s parents, spouse, or dependent children may pursue a wrongful death claim. An executor of the estate may also have the right to file such a suit on behalf of the estate of the deceased person. Often, our wrongful death lawyers can handle the estate administration along with the wrongful death and survival actions.

The circumstances surrounding a wrongful death can be extremely varied. An individual considering such a lawsuit after the tragedy of death in the family needs to contact a wrongful death attorney to evaluate the case as quickly as possible. The legal issues must be identified and handled carefully and professionally, and investigations may be needed immediately. Important evidence must not be lost due to waiting too long. It is vital when engaging in a wrongful death suit that you have qualified representation with an experienced attorney who knows the law. The personal injury attorneys of Marzzacco Niven & Associates are not only skilled in this area of law, but they also have compassion for you and your family in this most difficult time.

What Is a Survival Act Claim?

Under Pennsylvania’s Survival Act, certain claims for damages of the decedent pass to his or her survivors through the decedent’s estate. To bring a claim under the Survival Act, an estate must first be established through the Orphans’ Court. Under Pennsylvania law, the loved ones of a family member usually have rights under both the Wrongful Death and Survival Acts. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, to help you with the Survival Act claim, we assist your family in the probate process by filing the probate petition and by working with experienced estate administration lawyers to ensure all probate and tax laws are properly complied with.

Attorney Marzzacco has successfully handled dozens of Survival Act claims in his career. An experienced Survival Act lawyer will work with the required experts, such as an economist, to calculate your loved one’s net future earnings. This evidence is vital to obtaining a large settlement or verdict that fully compensates the estate.

Turn To Us For A Free Consultation For Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

We know that when grieving the loss of a loved one, taking legal action may not feel like a priority. However, a wrongful death and survival claim may be an essential part of healing. In addition to holding negligent parties accountable for their role in the loss, legal action can help prevent similar incidents in the future and spare other families the pain of an avoidable loss.

The lawyers at Marzzacco Niven & Associates can provide you with the legal resources and counsel that you need if you have suffered the loss of a loved one or family member. If you have questions after such a loss, seek counsel from Marzzacco Niven & Associates for qualified legal representation. Marzzacco Niven & Associates represents families in Harrisburg, York, and Philadelphia, as well as Cumberland, York, Lancaster, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties. Attorney Marzzacco has also handled cases throughout the United States in his career and can represent injured victims in other states upon admission pro hac vice.

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