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Burns, Scars, And Disfigurement

Burns and the scarring and disfigurement that often follow them can be life-changing injuries for victims. Even after they are completely healed, victims can experience challenging physical limitations and severe emotional trauma. Depending on the severity of the injury and the circumstances surrounding it, victims may have access to compensation under Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation, or other sources.

At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we’re raising a voice as we help Pennsylvania injury victims obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries. Our Harrisburg attorneys’ dedicated focus on representing the injured and disabled allows us to fully explore multiple avenues on our clients’ behalf.

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Under SSD, burn injuries are categorized as a soft tissue injury. Burn victims can seek benefits while their injuries are being treated in an effort to restore functional use. They can also seek benefits if they remain disabled for at least 12 months after treatment has been completed or if their injuries are eventually expected to be fatal.

Workers’ Compensation

If your burn injury happened while you were working, we can help you pursue benefits under workers’ compensation. As a former Pennsylvania workers’ compensation judge, our founding attorney, Katherine L. Niven, had a complete understanding of how claims for burns, scars, and disfigurement are evaluated. Today, our attorneys are prepared to represent you at every stage of the process, including filing the initial application and the appeal of any denied claims.

Third-Party Claims

If your workplace injury happened due to the negligence of someone other than your employer, you may have grounds to seek additional damages under a separate personal injury claim. If a defective part on a machine caused an explosion or an outside contractor was responsible for a fire that caused your injuries, we can represent you in a third-party claim against the machinery manufacturer or the contractor’s employer. Firm Owner Attorney Chris Marzzacco has represented families and individuals in explosion, fire, and unsafe product cases. Over his career, Attorney Marzzacco has also obtained multiple confidential, multimillion-dollar mediation, and other settlements in cases involving defective products.

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