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Can I Choose My Own Doctor For A Work-Related Injury?

If you are not satisfied with the medical care you are receiving from a workers’ compensation doctor, you have the right to change doctors. However, your choices are limited during the first 90 days following your injury.

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When Can I Choose My Own Doctor?

During the first 90 days, you are required to choose a doctor from the list of workers’ compensation doctors provided by your employer, unless the doctor recommends surgery. If you need surgery, you can choose your own doctor at any time, even during the first 90 days.

After 90 days, you can choose your own doctor as long as you provide one week’s notice to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Can I See My Own Doctor For A Second Opinion?

Unfortunately, once your injury is coded as an on-the-job injury, your treatment will only be covered through the workers’ compensation system. You can still get a second opinion from your doctor, but you may have to pay the cost of the doctor visit yourself. The exception is if surgery is recommended, then you can get a second opinion by a doctor of your choice.

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