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Nurse Case Managers

In some cases, nurse case managers are assigned to an injured employee’s case. Nurse case managers are employed by the insurance carrier. They are responsible for working with injured employees and helping to arrange their medical care. While they are presented by employers and insurance carriers as people who are there to make sure you receive proper medical care, the true purpose of a nurse case manager is to get you off workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible.

You are not required to speak with the nurse case manager assigned to your case, nor do you have to allow him or her to have access to your doctor. If you have been contacted by a nurse case manager or you have received notice that one has been assigned to your case, it is important that you speak to a knowledgeable Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

Protecting The Rights Of Injured Pennsylvania Workers

At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, injured workers throughout Pennsylvania have turned to us for representation in workers’ compensation cases. Our firm has been representing injured workers for more than 25 years. Historically, our founding attorney, Katherine L. Niven, was a former Pennsylvania workers’ compensation judge. She witnessed the tactics used by insurance carriers to limit workers’ access to benefits, and she equipped our current workers’ compensation team with the strategies to overcome them.

You are not required to cooperate with the nurse case manager, and we advise our clients against it. Doctors are required to submit regular reports to the insurance carrier in order to receive payment; the nurse case manager does not provide a real benefit to you. Although the nurse case manager has the right to request and review medical records and speak to your doctor about your treatment before and after appointments, the insurance carrier automatically receives all of the information that the nurse case manager might seek.

When you retain our firm, you can refer your nurse case manager to us. Do not feel compelled to take the call or answer any questions. Simply inform the nurse case manager that he or she will be talking to your lawyer. We will answer any questions and provide any required information. In every case, we manage our interactions with nurse case managers in a way that does not compromise your access to workers’ compensation benefits.

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