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When A Slip-And-Fall Injury Requires A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in torn ligaments, broken bones, head injuries, and other injuries that can result in a long and painful recuperation. Unfortunately, some workers’ compensation insurance carriers refuse to take slip-and-fall accidents seriously.

At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we’re raising a voice as we represent workers who are injured in all types of workplace accidents, including slip and falls. Historically, founding attorney Katherine L. Niven served as chief counsel for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and was a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation judge. Firm Owner Attorney Christopher Marzzacco also has extensive experience litigating slip-and-fall injury claims.

Are Slip-And-Fall Accidents Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

You are entitled to benefits from workers’ compensation whenever you suffer an on-the-job injury. You do not have to prove that your employer was negligent, as workers’ compensation is a no-fault system.

The following are examples of slip-and-fall accidents that would be covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Slipping on ice or snow on company property.
  • Slipping on a wet or slippery floor.
  • Tripping on stairs or loose carpeting.
  • Tripping over objects.
  • Tripping over your own feet.

You may be entitled to benefits beyond workers’ compensation if your slip-and-fall accident was caused by the negligence of someone who does not work for your employer. An example would be negligent snow removal by a property management company if your employer doesn’t own the building where you work. These claims are known as third-party liability claims.

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