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Child Sexual Abuse

The Latin term “in loco parentis translates roughly to in place of a parent.” Headlines in recent years have spotlighted cases where those trusted with the care, control, and education of our children have committed heinous acts of abuse on our most precious resources. Offenders can include health care providers, property owners, coaches, teachers, clergy, and others who have the obligation and duty to keep our children safe.

As a former prosecutor in Dauphin County, Attorney Christopher Marzzacco has prosecuted child molestation cases against individuals who have harmed children. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we raise a voice for the rights of those who cannot protect themselves. Through filing civil proceedings, we work with law enforcement, when appropriate, and also work with a team of experts including sexual abuse counselors and child psychologists to prove the case against the offender and to get the compensation and help our clients need. We investigate the institutions involved in and responsible for the abuse, which often times are businesses, churches, schools, and governments. We believe that holding those ultimately responsible can prevent future harm to others.

Turn To Us: Fighting For Children And Families Throughout Pennsylvania

We believe protecting our clients’ safety is our most important job, and we relentlessly pursue justice for children and their families. To learn more and arrange a free, confidential consultation with a personal injury lawyer, please contact our main office in Harrisburg at 717-260-3580.