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Hold your retail manager accountable for your medical costs

At some point in most Americans' lives, they've probably worked in retail. These types of workplaces carry with them certain risks of injuries that leave workers vulnerable to getting seriously hurt on the job.

Retail establishments can include hardware or pet supply stores, gardening centers, auto shops or parts warehouses and supermarkets. Music, department stores or sporting goods stores are also retailers. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) argues that these types of workplaces are particularly dangerous for young retail workers under 25 years of age.

How to treat a knee sprain

Even though a knee sprain isn't the most serious injury, it can cause pain and discomfort for an extended period of time. With this, you may find it difficult to live the life you've become accustomed to.

If you suffer a knee sprain on the job, such as the result of a slip-and-fall accident, report the injury to your employer and then seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor will discuss a variety of treatment options, including:

  • Rest: Resting your knee gives it the time necessary to recover, without a setback.
  • Pain medication: An over-the-counter pain reliever may be necessary, especially in the days following the accident.
  • Ice: Ice therapy can help reduce pain and swelling, thus speeding up your recovery.
  • Immobilization: Depending on the severity, you may need to wear a brace to immobilize your knee.
  • Physical therapy: When the time comes, your doctor may suggest physical therapy. This is used to help you regain range of motion, while also preventing future injury.
  • Surgery: It's not typically required, but if there's knee damage in addition to the sprain, it may be something your doctor wants to explore.

Being exposed to mold at work can affect you long term

If you work in a museum, at a library or any other place where mold tends to exist, then beware. Exposure to black mold's harmful toxins can leave you with lasting respiratory problems and other serious medical conditions.

Black mold is a dangerous type of fungus that tends to multiply in dark, humid and damp spaces. If you see an item that has a black or dark green growth on it, then it's likely this type of mold. It generally has a mildewy or musty smell. It can often be found beneath carpets or floorboards, behind walls and other areas that are difficult to access.

A Montgomeryville factory to pay up after 40 workers were injured

In May of 2015, federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulators fined the owner of a Montgomeryville factory, Lloyd Industries, $822,000 for repeated workplace safety violations.

About 10 months before those fines were imposed, a 21-year-old worker at the factory severed portions of several fingers when the steel-bending press he was using malfunctioned. After OSHA levied the fines against the factory's owner, the owner apparently took his frustrations with OSHA out on the victim, his family and his co-workers.

Things to know about a broken collarbone

A broken collarbone is a painful injury that makes it difficult to use your shoulder, arms and hands in the manner you're accustomed to. With so many potential complications, this isn't the type of injury you should attempt to treat on your own.

There are many common causes of a broken collarbone, including:

  • Slip-and-fall: For example, if you fall off a ladder at work, you could break your collarbone upon hitting the ground.
  • Motor vehicle accident: Your collarbone is at risk in this type of accident, especially those where there's a lot of force.

These motorcycle safety tips will give you peace of mind

With warmer weather finally here to stay in Pennsylvania, many people will pull their motorcycles out of their garages and hit the open road. If this sounds familiar, there's no better time than now to focus on the steps you can take to protect yourself while riding.

Here are five motorcycle safety tips that will give you peace of mind:

  • Always wear the appropriate safety gear: This starts with a helmet, but it doesn't stop there. You can also wear riding boots, gloves and other safety equipment to protect yourself in the event of an accident.
  • Follow the rules of the road: Just the same as motor vehicles, it's critical to follow the rules of the road, such as stop signs, traffic lights and the speed limit. Any violation increases your risk of an accident.
  • Regularly inspect your motorcycle: From the brakes to the mirrors, you never know when something will break on your bike. Conducting regular inspections allows you to pinpoint any issues that could cause trouble on the road.
  • Watch for changing weather: Weather conditions can change on a dime, so you must prepare for everything. For example, if heavy rain moves into the area, it will change the way you ride.
  • Follow defensive driving tips: Motorcyclists have a bad reputation for being too aggressive. Don't go down this path, but instead ride defensively. There are many ways to do so, such as obeying the speed limit, avoiding a driver's blind spot, using turn signals when changing lanes and watching for turning vehicles.

Follow these team-lifting safety tips

If an object is too heavy for you to carry on your own, there's nothing wrong with asking a co-worker for assistance. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Here are several team-lifting safety tips to follow:

  • Communicate: It's critical to be on the same page throughout the lift. This helps avoid a situation in which you're doing one thing, but your co-worker is doing another.
  • Lift with your legs: Even though you have help, you still should rely primarily on your legs to lift the object. Putting all the strain on your back, neck and arms increases the risk of an injury.
  • Lift and lower slowly: You're in a hurry to lift the object, move it and put it back down. Even so, you must do so slowly and under control. Getting ahead of yourself increases the risk of an accident and injury.
  • Wear the appropriate safety gear: From steel-toed boots to gloves, there are many types of gear that can improve your lifting ability and prevent injury if something goes wrong.

A Lebanon County auto shop worker is injured in a workplace fire

An auto shop and tow yard employee was seriously injured when a Lebanon County building he was working in suddenly caught on fire late in the evening on May 14. The blaze got underway at Weaver's Wrecking Yard, located on Homestead Road in East Hanover Township just before 11:45 p.m. that day.

Firefighters with the Northern Lebanon Fire and Emergency Services who were dispatched to the scene found the roof and rear door of the garage ablaze when they first arrived at the tow yard. They later found out that the building housed various flammable chemicals needed to complete auto repairs as well as car parts and welding equipment.

Is workers' compensation coverage mandatory in Pennsylvania?

Workers get hurt on the job in Dauphin and elsewhere in Pennsylvania daily. While many of the resulting injuries are relatively minor, others are quite serious. A worker may need to have surgery performed on them and face a lengthy recovery time. They may miss many days of work. This can make it difficult for them to cover their bills and maintain their lifestyle.

All employers in Pennsylvania, regardless of whether they have just one or multiple employees, are required to take out workers' compensation coverage. This requirement applies no matter whether the worker is a child or spouse of a company's owner. It also doesn't matter how many hours the employee works weekly or what their employment status is.

Do these things to prevent dehydration at work

Dehydration is a serious medical concern, as it can result in kidney failure, shock and extreme cramping among a variety of other side effects.

Depending on your profession, dehydration at work may be a major concern. For example, you're at risk if you perform physical labor outdoors during the hot summer months.

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