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Do Uber drivers get workers' compensation?

Since car accidents are one of the main ways Americans are hurt year in and year out, you can imagine that any profession that puts you behind the wheel is a serious risk. The sheer level of exposure to potential accidents means even safe, responsible drivers could be injured or killed.

For instance, did you know that taxi drivers face a higher risk of dying on the job than law enforcement officers? While Uber drivers are not taxi drivers, the work is very similar.

Discrimination and workplace injuries: How to protect yourself

You were working with a team of people when the accident happened and the scaffolding on which you were standing collapsed. Although all the workers were wearing safety equipment, there was no way to prevent injuries when the entire section collapsed.

Now that you're injured, your employer has been acting oddly. You want to file a claim, as the other workers have, but you've been accused of planning the accident. Your employer doesn't want to file a claim with workers' compensation and believes you and the other workers are responsible for your injuries and damages.

A veteran Pittsburgh reporter is injured in a on-air stunt

The absence of a veteran Pittsburgh television reporter from KDKA nightly news broadcasts over the past few months has left many area residents wondering what had happened to him. After much public speculation, an attorney for the reporter, finally released a statement on his behalf on Feb. 9.

In it, he contends that his client has spent the last six months rehabilitating after having suffered severe injuries while reporting on the Three Rivers Regatta, an annual Pittsburgh festival in August. The attorney's statement suggests that he and his client are considering filing a lawsuit against the man's long time employer, TV station KDKA, for injuries he received as a result from working on the assigned story.

Can you be terminated for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

If you are injured on the job, you may begin to wonder if it makes sense to file a workers' compensation claim.

Even though you realize the many benefits of receiving workers' compensation, you may have some concerns about pushing forward. Here's why: You have reason to believe that your employer will terminate your employment.

Floors can be a safety risk at your place of employment

Regardless of where you work, it goes without saying that you walk around throughout the day. Maybe you find yourself going from your office to the printing room time after time. Or maybe you realize that you're always beating a path up and down the stairs.

While this may be a big part of your day, there's something to remember: Floors can be a safety risk at times. The floors that you walk on are not always as safe as they could be. So, if you're not paying attention to what you're doing, it could result in a slip and fall.

A Philadelphia worker sues Johnson & Johnson for his head injury

A Philadelphia-area Johnson & Johnson employee has filed a lawsuit against three different companies responsible for either managing or maintaining its offices located in Building M-5 at 40-84 Great Valley Parkway in Malvern. He alleges that their negligent maintenance of the ceiling immediately above his cubicle in the office building resulted in him suffering a serious head injury.

The man's lawsuit, filed on Jan. 24 in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, chronicles how the plaintiff had been sitting at his desk within his first floor cubicle No. 5114D at 8 a.m., on the Sept. 6, 2016. As he was preparing to begin his day at work, he claims that a ceiling tile immediately above him gave way, crashing down on top of him.

Employers should help depressed employees get the help they need

It can be expected that an employee will face occasional depression associated with any number of issues going on in his or her personal lives or at work.

However, if a once-bubbly employee stops socializing or starts to seem withdrawn, then this may be a sign of something far worse than the temporary blues. Also, if a one-time dependable worker starts struggling to make deadlines or a once-decisive employee has difficulty in making the easiest of decisions, this may be a sign of a greater problem as well.

Employees should be protected from fall hazards at work

Employees deserve to work in a safe environment. One hazard that many workers face is falls. These aren't limited only to falls from heights. It also includes people who fall from a standing or sitting position onto the floor or another object. It is crucial that all workplaces have protections in place that can help to keep workers safe.

There are many hazards that can lead to a fall. Ladders and scaffolding are two pieces of equipment that are often associated with falls. These must be kept in good condition if employees will continue to use them. Safety devices, such as harnesses, must also be provided in some instances.

Who is liable for a car accident during a business trip?

When workers suffer injury on the job, they usually expect that the employer will cover the medical costs and lost income through a workers' compensation claim. This remains true in most instances when workers are on a business trip and suffer an injury.

Business trips are interesting areas, legally speaking. Practically, they almost always blur the lines between work and personal life, and often involve activities that are frowned upon in a typical office scenario, like drinking alcohol.

The best way to protect yourself from unsafe working conditions

Despite the fact that most employees and employers do their part in preventing unsafe working conditions, these still exist in many industries. Subsequently, it's not out of the question that an accident could cause serious injury or even death.

As an employee, here's something you need to know: There are both state and federal laws stating that employers are required to provide workers with a safe environment.

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