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Were you injured by an assault or another criminal act on someone else’s property in Harrisburg, PA? If so, you may have a valid claim against the property owner for failing to take reasonable steps to keep you safe. 

A Harrisburg negligent security lawyer at Marzzacco Niven & Associates can help you pursue legal action for your financial losses and trauma. Our team has over 120 years of combined experience obtaining fair settlements and court awards for injured individuals throughout Pennsylvania.  

We’ll help you hold all responsible parties liable for your physical and psychological injuries. Contact our Harrisburg personal injury lawyers at (717) 231-1640 for a free consultation to discuss your premises liability case and legal options for compensation. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help With a Negligent Security Claim in Harrisburg, PA?

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help With a Negligent Security Claim in Harrisburg, PA?

If you were violently attacked in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you’re likely struggling with physical injuries that require medical attention. However, you may also be dealing with emotional distress due to the traumatic and unexpected nature of the assault. Your psychological damage may require years of therapy and treatment.

You deserve full compensation for these and other losses. However, your attacker probably won’t have the funds to cover the full extent of your damages. 

If the owner or occupier of the property could have prevented the criminal act by implementing reasonable security measures, they may share liability. Unfortunately, they won’t be quick to accept responsibility for their negligence.

Our Harrisburg premises liability attorneys at Marzzacco Niven & Associates will identify every potential source of compensation and pursue the financial recovery you deserve. 

If you hire our law firm for help with a negligent security claim in Harrisburg, you can expect us to: 

  • Thoroughly investigate the incident and determine the safety measures that were in place (if any) 
  • Gather evidence proving the premises owner’s liability and the value of your damages
  • Negotiate with property owners and their insurance companies on your behalf and protect your right to fair compensation
  • Handle all insurance and personal injury claims from start to finish 
  • Represent you in court in Dauphin County if we cannot reach a fair out-of-court settlement

Learn more about the benefits of creating an attorney-client relationship by contacting our law office today for a free initial consultation.

What Is Negligent Security?

Under Pennsylvania premises liability law, property owners have a duty to keep invited visitors and customers safe from reasonably foreseeable harm. That includes criminal activity, such as attacks by third parties. 

For instance, if a property owner knows they’re operating their business in a high-crime area, they must provide reasonable security to protect patrons from criminal violence. 

Reasonable security features could include the following: 

  • Surveillance or security cameras
  • Adequate lighting around the premises and in the parking lot
  • An alarm system 
  • Security guards or bouncers
  • Gates, fences, and locks where appropriate
  • Metal detectors
  • Employees who are trained on how to anticipate or handle violent situations

If a Pennsylvania business owner fails to uphold their legal responsibilities and someone is attacked on their property, they can be held accountable for the resulting injuries. 

Negligent or inadequate security can result in the following:

Regardless of the type of violence involved, our Harrisburg negligent security attorneys can help you seek compensation for your damages.

Who Could Be Liable for Negligent Security in Harrisburg, PA? 

When you’re assaulted or attacked by someone, they may face criminal charges filed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can also pursue a civil claim against the perpetrator for your damages, such as medical bills. 

However, if the incident occurred on someone else’s property, the owner or occupier may share financial accountability if they didn’t have adequate security features in place. This is especially helpful if your attacker doesn’t have the financial means to pay all of your damages.

You may have a valid negligent security claim if the assault occurred in any of the following locations: 

  • Restaurant, bar, or nightclub 
  • Retail store
  • Grocery store
  • Office building
  • Nursing home
  • Hospital
  • Pawnshop
  • Motel or hotel
  • School or university
  • Daycare facility
  • Apartment building
  • Parking garage or lot
  • Entertainment venue
  • Gas station

The owner or party responsible for maintaining and controlling the property might be liable for negligent security. We’ll examine the facts of your case and pinpoint any individual who could share responsibility.

How Do I Prove My Negligent Security Case in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? 

In a Harrisburg negligent security claim, you must prove the property owner’s negligence, which requires demonstrating the following legal elements: 

  • The Harrisburg property owner owed you a duty of care. For example, owners typically do not owe a duty to trespassers. However, they must take steps to keep invited guests (licensees) and paying customers (invitees) safe while on the premises.
  • The property owner breached their duty by failing to implement sufficient security features.
  • The owner’s failure to provide reasonable security led to the attack, which was reasonably foreseeable (causation).
  • You sustained damages due to the criminal act. 

The extent of a premises owner’s duty to keep people safe from harm often depends on: 

  • The type of business or establishment they operate
  • The area’s history of criminal activity
  • The likelihood of the business attracting criminal activity
  • Whether anyone has been harmed on the property in the past

Whether the owner breached their duty of care will require an evaluation of the scope of their duty and the safety measures (if any) they implemented.

How Much Is My Harrisburg Negligent Security Case Worth?

No two negligent security cases are the same. Each legal matter must be evaluated based on the victim, their injuries, the criminal act, and the location of the business.  

Accordingly, the value of your negligent security case will depend on various factors, including: 

  • The severity of your injuries and the ways they impact your quality of life
  • The nature of the criminal act
  • Whether you sustained any permanent impairment or disability 
  • Your lost income and medical costs
  • Whether you can continue working in the same capacity as before the criminal attack
  • The mental impact of the incident
  • The business owner’s insurance and policy limits
  • The nature of the business owner’s failure to provide adequate security
  • Whether you share fault for the attack or injuries

Our negligent security lawyers in Harrisburg know how to assess the value of damages and fight for every penny. We’ll ensure you receive the best possible outcome in your premises liability case.

What Types of Damages Are Available To Victims of Negligent Security in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

Negligent security victims in Pennsylvania can pursue compensation for the full extent of their losses in a personal injury claim. That includes financial and personal losses. 

Economic damages in a premises liability claim may include: 

  • Medical bills for an ER visit, hospital stay, treatment, or surgery
  • Future medical expenses if you need physical therapy or ongoing care
  • Mental health treatment and counseling
  • Lost wages and reduced earning potential
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Non-economic damages caused by negligent security could include: 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological disorders, such as anxiety, PTSD, or phobia 
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Diminished quality of life

Contact our Harrisburg personal injury attorneys for help identifying your damages and putting a dollar value on them. 

Our Harrisburg Negligent Security Attorneys Will Help You Pursue Compensation for All of Your Injuries

Violent criminal acts can lead to all kinds of injuries, including: 

We’ll fight for compensation for all injuries caused by the property owner’s negligent security, including physical and emotional trauma. Contact our Harrisburg premises liability lawyers today to discuss your case.

What Is the Deadline To File a Negligent Security Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations typically gives you two years from the date of the criminal act to file a negligent security case. If you lost a loved one due to an act of violence, you have two years from their date of death to file a wrongful death case against the property owner.

If you miss the deadline that applies to your negligent security lawsuit, you’ll lose the ability to hold the property owner accountable for your damages. Contact our personal injury lawyers in Harrisburg to discuss your case and protect your legal rights.

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If you were injured by criminal violence while on someone else’s property in Harrisburg, PA, you may have several options for obtaining compensation. Marzzacco Niven & Associates is here to provide sound legal advice and guidance. 

Our Harrisburg negligent security attorneys will launch an investigation to identify every potentially liable party, including your attacker and the negligent business owner. 

Contact our personal injury law firm today for a free consultation to learn more about our legal services and how we can help with your premises liability claim.

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